• Couples Counseling

    Couples Counseling

    At Dover Counseling Services, we believe that strong, healthy couples are a crucial part of building strong children, strong families, strong communities, and a strong nation. Family life, professional demands, financial worries, raising children in a sometimes scary world, and a recent pandemic have forced many couples to recognize their need to refocus on their relationship, rekindle desire and love for one another, and learn how to more effectively navigate life together. A large part of Dover Counseling’s work is devoted to working with and supporting couples as they create change in their relationships, strengthen their bond, and renew their commitment to one another. Most of the therapists at Dover Counseling Services are Gottman Level I trained therapists and dedicate time and energy outside of the office to learning and growing their skills in the area of couples counseling.

    If you believe that you and your partner might benefit from couples therapy, contact our office today to get started.