• Children & Adolescents

    Children & Adolescents

    Growing up can be confusing and difficult even in the best of situations. With the rise of children and teenagers who are struggling with depression, anxiety, grief, suicidal thoughts and non-suicidal self-injury, along with issues such as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Adjustment Disorders, and other mood disorders, Dover Counseling offers counseling services to children and adolescents who might be dealing with these issues, beginning at age 5.

    Is your child or teenager

    • Struggling with his/her self-esteem?
    • Getting into trouble at school, or more than usual?
    • Struggling with the recent loss of a loved one and doesn’t seem to be taking it very well?
    • Not adjusting to a separation/divorce?
    • Pulling back and withdrawing from family or friends?
    • Struggling with recent or past abuse that is causing him/her to lose a little of their normal self?
    • Struggling with depression, suicidal ideation, general anxiety, or social anxiety?
    • Having difficulty adjusting to his/her parent being on deployment for the military?

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